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Astrology: The Role It Plays In Different Life Phases


The study of stars has been in existence for so many years now. It recognizes that we undergo different phases of life in our growth. There are various cycles of life, that then bunch the role that is played by astrology. The importance of astrology is little known among the current generation. This is regardless of the fact that it has been an adopted art that keeps affecting our daily lives. The manner in which we are impacted are diverse for every individual. We shall cluster the roles played by Consulta Astral based on the effects that they have to particular ages. These are as follows.


The study of astrology indicates that the age that lies between twenty one and twenty four comes with a duty of ensuring that we are able to balance responsibilities pretty well. It is a period where you will find great challenges that are both new and exciting. Astrology indicates that this is an age where freedom is at its peak and people are called to craft their own ways in life. This is a period where one experiences Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter. Astrology asks for one to take responsibility of his actions at this stage without considering what others think, so as to accomplish his missions with a sense of pride and confidence. By this, one sets the stage for his future life.


At age twenty eight, one experiences quite a decisive phase as Saturn returns to its previous position. During this stage, one is allowed to remedy the mistakes he made during the previous phase. It is a time where one has to embrace the art of being realistic. It is a stage that needs serious thinking and critical assessment of your own life. You should be prepared for any breakdowns during this stage of life. Make necessary changes and adjustments in your life as you prepare for the next phase. Visit this website at https://www.encyclopedia.com/religion/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/horoscopes and learn more about astrology.


Then comes the age of between thirty five and forty five. No major Astral influences takes place in your early thirties. By mid-thirties one should have chosen to position his life pretty well. The navigation starts facing hurdles between 38 and 45. Here your planets are in positions that have never been reached before. Four of your outer planets are at a convergence. You will hardly survive this stages without transformative changes. You will need deep introspection and self-empowerment while at this stage. Presence of Pluto in your life will mean that you need to be strong while trying to find out the meaning of your life. Growth is inevitable if you take the right steps in finding yourself.